Features to Know Before Purchasing a Hitachi Band Saw

A good band saw is a great addition to any woodworkers shed and tool set. As a power tool, it is useful for many jobs in the shop and makes a woodcraftsman’s job much easier, whether for the casual DIYer, or the seasoned professional.

It’s important to look out for some necessary features when choosing a band saw. One of the qualities to check is the cutting capacity, which means the maximum size and dimension which a particular machine can cut or process. Then there is also the re-saw capability of a band saw, which is determined by the distance of the band saw table to the highest point of the blade assembly.

Then there is the matter of the machine frame, which is crucial to the performance and ease of use of a band saw. Most band saws are traditionally set to 14” platform with 2 large machined casings, with the entire made from cast iron for durability and stability.Steel frames have become a famous choice for European markets and are slowly gaining popularity in the US.

Hitachi brand band saws tick off these boxes and more and are a good investment for the features that it provides. They are equipped with 14 ½ inch, high quality saw blades that can make quick work of any wood working task with ease. Hitachi band saws are powered by a 2.8 horsepower for reliable operation, long life blade guides, and an 11-inchesaw capacity on a traditional cast iron frame. The equipped tilting table also has an adjustable fence. It has a rack and pinion adjustment assembly for accurate cuts and for fitting other accessories and jigs to the machine, thereby increasing its versatility in the shop. Get yours from a reputable online seller and have your Hitachi Band Saw shipped to your doorstep in 7 days.

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