Explore Some Benefits of 6500 BTU Air Conditioner

When shopping for air conditioners, many people have this notion that bigger units with higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) are the best options to choose. This may be true, but not in all situations. There are some cases wherein a 6500 BTU air conditioner is a wiser and more beneficial choice than a 12500 BTU air conditioner.

More energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan

6500 BTU air conditioners are recommended for small offices and bedrooms, specifically those that are around 250 and 300 sq. ft. While units with higher BTU can arguably cool a small room faster, they are not the most eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. They waste energy, causing you to pay more than necessary. And since they cycle on and off too often, their motors or engines can get issues quickly. On the other hand, a 6500 BTU air conditioner would provide enough cooling and won’t get overworked. Thus, it will have a longer product life.

Better at small dehumidifying rooms

Bigger units are not unable to properly dehumidify the room because they achieve the set temperature too quickly. Sure, people feel cool or cold, but they are not comfortable because of the high humidity.

Air conditioner manufacturers would always recommend choosing units according to the room size. That’s why there are online BTU calculators to help you determine the right BTU size for your home or room.

Of course, aside from choosing the recommended AC size, there are other things that you should also do to ensure you are getting the best unit there is. One of them is the brand or the manufacturer. Trust only brands with the biggest names in the market. While their units are more expensive, you can trust that they would last longer and give you more than your money’s worth in the long run. They have better build quality, features, and have more benefits.

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