Effectively Organize Your Small Kitchen Appliances

An organized kitchen will be easier to use because it means everything will be in its proper place, and you can find whatever you need much quicker than when you leave items in various places. The way you organize your small kitchen appliances should depend on your cooking style. If you like smoothies and tend to make a lot of shakes, the blender should take center stage on the kitchen counter. If you are an avid meat-eater, indoor grills, and slow cookers should easily be on hand. But if you do not have any specific cooking style, here are five ways that you can effectively organize your kitchen appliances:

  1. Group appliances by use – Place frequently used small kitchen appliances on the counter top or your cabinet’s lowest shelves. Keep rarely used items at the top kitchen cabinet. Items that you never use must be re-assessed. Determine whether you need them or not, and sell or donate them when you find no use for them.
  1. Consider kitchen appliances with multiple uses – If you have a small kitchen or limited storage space, it makes sense to purchase multifunction kitchen appliances, and keep them in one corner of your counter top or on a low cabinet. A stock pot, for instance, can be versatile for cooking rice, and a waffle iron can be used for making Paninis. A good blender should be versatile as a food processor, too.
  1. Store kitchen appliances properly in kitchen cabinets – Buy cord protectors or wrap the cord around the kitchen appliance before placing it in a cabinet. This will prevent unnecessary tangling and will make the cabinet look neater, especially if it is a glass storage facility. If you have higher shelves, buy a quality step stool or a foldable one for easier access to the racks.
  1. Store smaller parts and accessories in zip-lock bags – Remember to label them. If you have user manuals, store them in one place, like a magazine rack or one of the drawers on your counter top.

Maintain the neatness – Keep your kitchen organized until you get used to the setup. This way, you can easily reorganize and store items, and maintain the cleanliness of your cooking space.

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