Code Free DVD Player – Play DVDs from all the Regions

One of the favorite pastimes for most people in the world over is to watch movies. When they want to relax at home, they resort to their DVD players and prefer to watch the latest movies. However, there are times when your DVD player does not play the disc because it has a different region code. In most cases, this involves calling the customer care, and punching in complicated codes into the remote in the hope that the movie watching experience does not turn sour.

Those of you not aware of this regional coding should know that the world electronics industry has been categorized into six different regions, with every region having its unique code. The electronic items manufactured and sold in a particular region are marked with that code and do not run in any other region.

For instance, a DVD made in Japan will not work in the UK and vice-versa. The best way out of this is to buy code free DVD players that run all DVDs whether they are made in the US or any other country.

These players are getting more and more popular for the following obvious reasons: 

Compatible with All DVDs: Just like a DVD player, the DVDs too have a region code. However, you do not have to worry about the region code if you use a code free player. You can sit back and enjoy the movie, as the player is compatible with DVDs from all around the world. 

Compatible with Different Video Standards: You might be aware that there are PAL videos as well as NTSC videos. Not all DVD players are compatible with both the video formats. However, code free DVD players are compatible with all kinds of video formats. 

Compatible with Many Voltages: The region-specific DVD players are compatible with only the voltage supplied in that region. It may not work when used in some other region. On the other hand, a code free DVD player is compatible with different voltage capacities and can be used just about anywhere.

A code free DVD player offers you great value for money and is an ideal choice if you are a world movie buff. Check out the various e-commerce sites that offer these players and compare the features and prices before buying one.

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