Are you looking for a multifunctional tool to help you in a number of ways? If yes, Bosch PMF 350 CES multifunctional tool is a perfect option for you. It is ideal for cutting, sanding, grinding, polishing or sanding operations.

PMF 350 CES is a DIY Bosch multifunctional power tool that is highly popular in the market for higher performance and more precise results. You can use it for many applications as it is loaded with a huge range of accessories.  When it comes to performing many jobs, you need to use various types of tools to deal with different kinds of operations such as cutting, scraping, polishing and sanding. Keeping that in mind, Bosch has made this multifunctional tool to make work easier for you.

Let’s take a look at features of Bosch PMF CES multifunctional tool.

Excellent performance

Bosch PMF 350 CES multifunctional tool comes with Starlock interface for optimum power transmission and easy tool change.  With 350 Watts output power, this power tool from Bosch is ideal for repair and renovation projects. Whether milling, sawing, grinding or polishing, you can do the jobs quickly and comfortably, even in hard-to-reach areas by using this tool with matching accessories. It comes with a handy feature- 180-degree LED ring that lights up dark areas in all working conditions.

Electronic speed control

This multi-tool from the house of Bosch comes with electronic speed control feature. It will help you maintain a steady, high power output even under the heavy load.  Also, the tool is featured with an anti-vibration grip for easy handling while performing different type of cutting operations.

Different type of sharp edge blades

With this multifunctional tool, you can rest assured for fast cutting speed and exceptionally long life because it is equipped with different types of sharp edge blades. It tool comes with delta sanding plate AVZ 93 G, segment saw blade ACZ 85 EB, dipping saw blade PAII 65 APB and dipping saw blade AIZ 32 EPC.

The segment saw blade ACZ 85 EB is used for cutting a door frame and AIZ 32 EPC dipping saw blade is ideal for flush cutting wooden components. Sanding plate AVG 93 G comes with Starlock tool holder for maximum power transfer with three-dimensional quick-change system. Apart from this, PAII 65 APB blade is perfect for cutting wood with nails and laminated panels.

Overall, it’s a great value

Getting the right multi-functional tool for renovation jobs is not hard when you go with a quality and reputable brand Bosch. Whether at home or for professional use, you can use this tool without any hassles and get accurate results at the end. At around $ 359.99, this tool truly is an excellent deal.

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