Before Purchasing a Portable Generator, There Are Five Things You Should Know

You never know when an emergency will strike. It’s prudent to be prepared for the worst, ensuring that you have enough food, water, medical supplies, and, most importantly, a source of electricity. And luckily, you can cross that last point off your list by purchasing a 240-volt AC generator.


Five things to consider before buying a 240-volt AC generator

  • Purpose

Generators have a wide variety of applications, even outside of emergencies. For example, contractors can use them as a power source for electrical tools, while campers can buy one for their out-of-town trips.

So, if you want a generator for all situations, consider buying a portable model. What’s great about mobile generators is that they come with a carrying handle or a wheel kit, allowing you to transport them easily.

However, because of their portability, mobile generators have a limited capacity. Therefore, if you only want to power your home in case of emergencies, go for a heavy-duty backup generator.

  • Power source

Generators run on fuel. Specifically, they require either diesel or gasoline to function.

Gas generators offer better portability, ideal for use in RVs or workshops. These systems are affordable and require very little maintenance; however, they tend to have shorter shelf lives.

Meanwhile, diesel generators are less flammable and more efficient than their gas-powered counterparts. However, older models tend to be noisier, so purchase a newer version.

  • Power output

What appliances do you intend to power with the generator? If you only need to charge your laptop or use the microwave during an outage, a small 240-volt AC generator is enough.

But for more energy-intensive applications, such as powering your entire home, consider going for a larger model.

  • Durability

Generators are a big investment, so you must ensure that they last a long time. Therefore, consider buying a generator designed with durability in mind, including a heavy-duty steel frame and automatic voltage regulation functions.

  • Cost

Don’t forget to set a budget for your generator. You aren’t required to purchase the most expensive model in a store—an affordable unit will be enough as long as it meets your requirements.


Finally, make sure to purchase your 240-volt AC generator from a reputable distributor of electronics and appliances online!

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