5 Things You Should Know About 110v Security Camera

Your safety and security should be top priorities. Even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, it is sensible to prepare for any exigency. Installing a reliable surveillance system is a good start, and this involves investing in a good 110v security camera

But how do you know which camera is best for your needs and budget? Here are five things you should know about 110v security cameras to minimize your guesswork and help you make an informed buying decision:

  1. Features

A modern security camera has a built-in SD card slot, but some models may require separate internal storage on a DVR. The latter may be cheaper, but you need to purchase a separate hard disk and DVR to make it work effectively in capturing and saving footage. You may also want to consider a 110v security camera that can pan or tilt so it can cover a larger surveillance area.

  1. Image quality

High-quality security cameras can produce footage in a resolution of 720p (1MP) by 1080p. A higher resolution produces a better image quality.. However, that also means you’ll need more storage to save videos. That shouldn’t be a problem if you have a DVR with extensive internal storage.

  1. Sensors

Does the 110v security camera have audio and motion sensors? Such features may help detect unusual noise and movements. Just make sure you’ll be alerted when there’s unusual activity.

  1. Durability

You’ll want to get durable security cameras that can withstand any condition, especially if you’re installing them outdoors.

  1. Remote access

You don’t have to wait to get home to review the footage from your 110v security camera when it offers remote access. Check if you can access the footage online through your mobile phone. It’s a convenient feature that may also let you see what’s happening in real-time.

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