5 Hidden Features and Benefits of 6500 BTU Air Conditioner

When shopping for air conditioners, you’ll come across different models with various features and BTU (British thermal unit) capacity. Manufacturers recommend choosing air conditioning units based on room size. According to the BTU calculator, if your room size is between 250 and 300 sq. ft, then you should have a 6500-BTU air conditioner. This should be enough for small office rooms and bedrooms.

Choosing the recommended AC size is beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why:

Energy efficiency

Some people think that the higher the BTU, the better. This isn’t always the case. Using an air conditioner with a higher capacity than required is a waste of electricity and of money. It cools quickly and cycles on and off too often to maintain the temperature. This will affect your electricity bills.

Longer lifespan

A unit with a higher or lower capacity than recommended is more likely to have a shorter product life. A unit that is too big for the room will overwork itself as it cycles on and off. The same goes with a unit that is too small for the room—it will continue to work without rest as it struggles to reach the set temperature.

Energy Star ratings

What makes 6500 BTU air conditioners a better choice these days is that most of them have Energy Star Ratings. This means they are operating 15% more efficiently than other units that without this rating. They can help you lower your electricity bills.

Easy maintenance

Compared to bigger units, 6500 BTU air conditioners are easier to maintain. Newer models have washable and durable filters so that you won’t need to buy replacements.

Quiet operation

Air conditioners nowadays are quieter than they are before. This feature lets you enjoy your new air conditioning unit without hearing the annoying sound of a rattling fan.

Branded air conditioning units tend to have better features and more benefits. But of course, these come with a price. If you want to save some cash on your brand-new air conditioner, buy from a reliable store online.

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