Electronic Security Systems – An Ideal Solution for Organization Security

Domestic and commercial intruder alarms and CCTV systems are some of the basic components of modern electronic security systems. The range of options has increased significantly in recent years. These days, the most advanced solutions for businesses and organizations are state-of-the-art hardware and software that offers both remote and direct access to users. These systems are monitored from a central control system.

The need for better security measures

People with criminal intent are finding new ways to overcome security systems, using advanced technology to crack codes and gain access to control systems. Outdated intruder alarm systems are insufficient in protecting human life and property. Consequently, it has become a necessity to install new security solutions with monitoring schemes offering video and alarm receiving and response centers. Business owners are favoring solutions that also include operation and management services that provide 24/7 security. Continue reading “Electronic Security Systems – An Ideal Solution for Organization Security”

Know More about the Difference between Step Up And Step Down Transformers

A transformer is a device made from core of soft iron with two or more insulated coils of wire, which are not connected. The main function of a transformer is to change the voltage or alternating potential difference from one state to another. The voltage is increased or decreased via a process that involves electromagnetic induction. The name of the device is taken from its main function, which is to transform voltage.

How does a transformer work?
A transformer is a voltage ratio device primarily because the amount of transformation is dependent on the turn ratio of the two sets of coil. The primary winding or input coil magnetizes the core when an alternating voltage is applied. The first coil affects the secondary winding or output coil. When the core is magnetized, voltage is induced in the secondary coil by the changing magnetic field. The ratio is 2:1 if the primary coil has 100 turns and the secondary coil has 50 turns.

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