Andriod 4.3 (Jelly Bean III) – Fifteen Things to Know

Android Jelly Bean III

Google announced the launching of latest version of mobile platform ‘Android’ last week. The version is known as Jelly Bean III and it is currently available on nexus phones and tablets. Samstores presents a checklist of 15 things you should know about it:

  1. Autocompletion of the dialed phone number.
  2. Location detection via WiFi.
  3. Bluetooth Smart support.
  4. Support for Surround Sound.
  5. Restricted profiles control

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Over 1 Million Americans Have Adware in their Smartphones

According to a report published by Lookout, a security company,  in the last one year, more than 1 million Americans have downloaded Adware from Android. The report says that a whopping 6.5% applications have Adware which gets installed into users smartphones.

It is quite difficult to identify an Adware but there are some points on the basis of which one can compare and find:

Samstores unlocked gsm phones

  • The app displays advertising that’s “outside of the normal experience;
  •  The ad “harvests unusual personally identifiable information; or
  •  The ad “performs unexpected actions as a response to ad clicks.

These revelations are very concerning and now, Android must have to do something to stop this epidemic. Samstores, a leading unlocked GSM phone supplier, highly recommends to read reviews before downloading any app.


5 Best Travel Gadgets From CES 2013

The 2013 CES ( Consumer Electronic Show) finished in Las Vegas recently. The success of this can be measured by the fact that in this show, around 20,000 new gadgets were launched by 3250 exhibitors. Indeed, it was a heaven on the earth from gadget freaks point of view.

The products which attracted attention the most by travelers are:

  1. Y-cam Home Monitor
  2. Polaroid iM1836
  3. Fitbug Orb
  4. Spare One
  5. Martian voice command watches

Martian voice command watches can be a desirable product. These watched can act like GSM/CDMA mobile phones and can be used for making and answering calls, receiving and sending text messages.


These bluetooth enabled watches support android/OS mobile platforms as well.


Using Cell Phones Can Cause Trouble While Travelling in Airplanes

According to a study conducted by ABC news, operating mobile phones while traveling in a flight can cause trouble. A study conducted says that in four out of 10 instances, mobile phones caused trouble from 2003 to 2009. Here is the video

The report says that using such devices can be a reason of disruption in electronic sensors. Samstores recommends not to use mobile phones while traveling. It’s good to be on safer side, rather than pausing a threat to human lives.


Pleasures of Using Unlocked Cell Phones

Unlocked cell phones are quite popular these days. One can wonder why do people buy them when other phones are available at ease? Reason is crystal clear. Angelo loves Pink Motorola Razr but her cellular carrier don’t offer the phone. In US, cellular carriers lock cell phones when they sell so that they can work only on their network. So, buying unlocked cell phones is an option.HTC One Unlocked PhoneThere is a rumor in the market that buying unlocked gsm phones is illegal. That’s not true at all. When Nokia realized that their high end N Series phones weren’t doing great with cellular carriers, they opened stores in Chicago and New York to sell unlocked phones.